What is Astro?

Astro is a hospitality brand that focuses on curating the perfect living experience for the modern traveler. We’re venture backed multifamily syndicator and technology-enabled management company that is pioneering a new way of repositioning real estate assets to create meaningful returns for investors and social good.

Each Astro experience is purposefully selected, designed and maintained – customized to reflect the vibe of its neighborhood. Whether your stay is two days, two months or two years, in a studio or a six-bedroom, Astro ensures a unique, yet consistent experience. We are focusing on transforming traditional apartments into beautifully decorated, furnished spaces for the modern lifestyle.

Astro has rapid growth plans in the next few years to establish itself as an industry leader in apartment hotels by developing a strong brand of managed and owned hospitality units. Astro has just raised money from top real estate investors in Silicon Valley that have bought into Astro’s vision. As we open in new markets, Astro wants to be an undisputed top reputed brand for the quality of service we provide each and every customer.

Our Core Values


There will be times where there won’t be a defined path or process set by anyone, and it’ll be up to you to do what it takes to get the job done.


Tune in and listen to yourself, trust what feels right. We believe in taking action from a place of clarity and confidence within yourself. If you feel you are more experienced in what you are doing than someone else, trust yourself and do what you think is best. You have a unique perspective and insight in your role or industry from being ‘in the weeds’.


We believe in owning roles within a company, not just completing tasks. At Astro we assign everyone a role and work towards the company's mission. We’re also a startup so we wear many hats and are constantly having to step up and take ownership.


Open mindedness is ingrained in Astro’s DNA so we have a culture of radical truth and transparency. We encourage honest feedback at any level so the flow of information is not just top down but bottom up.


Acting with empathy allows us to understand the wants and needs of each other, our members, and those in our community at large. By making the effort to learn about what drives people to be their best, we do what we can to set them up for success.


Doing things differently is the only way to unlock real value. We have a culture of experimentation and believe in testing out new ideas, no matter how absurd they may seem. As a company we embrace failure and an iterative environment.

Our Story



The founding partners solidify a vision to build a scalable business that infuses technology, innovative strategies and data analytics, into the archaic real estate industry. The business would be empowered with the time, energy and funds to direct towards the causes that mattered most.



Trust, Traction, Goals: The founders designed our strategy around each one of these pillars in 2019 to develop the initial MVP for their business. They earned trust in key relationships and proved traction by taking action towards aggressive business goals they set out for themselves. Along the way they learned the industry by listening, trial and error, and innovating when existing structures didn’t work.



Astro secures venture funding from investors in Silicon Valley that bought into Astro’s vision.



In just over one year Astro has been given the opportunity to serve thousands of customers across 13+ cities in the US. We are thankful to everyone who has been a part of this journey with us, as it is your support and contributions that have allowed Astro to go from a vision to reality. Astro is proudly supported by a group of 11 amazing team members (and growing) that have achieved the goals for 2019 and laid the foundation for Astro’s 2020 vision and beyond.


Astro has pledged to give 5% of its distributions towards charity


Shiv Gettu co-founded Astro and oversees the strategic vision, operations, and overall resources of the company. Prior to Astro, Shiv worked at PwC, serving as a Salesforce consultant on the largest Salesforce implementation worldwide. Shiv holds a B.S in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California

Shiv Gettu

Kendrick Bradley is the co-founder of Astro and responsible for the business development efforts and strategic direction of the company. Prior to Astro, Kendrick worked as an investment manager in the Bay Area where he was responsible for the acquisition, reposition, and overall management of a 300M+ portfolio. Kendrick has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California and worked as an engineer at Boeing, SpaceX, and Bradley Engineering.


Arjun Bhagat was the President and Chief Executive Officer of R.M. Software India (Pvt.) Ltd. (RMSI). Arjun was personally responsible for building strategic customer relationships and opening offices in the U.K., Belgium, Japan, Canada and Australia. As the CFO of Risk Management Inc., a venture funded (Bain Capital and Sutter Hill) company, he led the spin-off of RMSI, a software and BPO company focused on the Geographical Information Systems space. Starting with 5 employees, he grew the company to a 800 person operation with an additional network capacity of 500 seats. In 1999, he negotiated the sale of the company to DMGI, the technology investment arm of the Daily Mail Group out of the U.K. Arjun currently sits on the board of - and is a major investor in - five privately held companies. Mr Bhagat is the Chairman of Calibrated Group, an investment partnership that builds and invests in off-shoring businesses out of India. Mr. Bhagat also serves as a partner in Marymount Investors, LLC, a $300M real estate investment firm he co-founded.

Arjun Bhagat