Investment Thesis

Astro focuses on acquisition, full-service management, and disposition of opportunistic value-add multifamily properties in urban neighborhoods. Astro is uniquely positioned with short-term and long-term management experience and has a proven track record of generating above average NOI. By leveraging data and custom pricing algorithms, Astro has a technology-forward lense on what markets and properties will yield the highest return for our investors.

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The Astro Difference

Our unique approach to apartment investing

Astro is uniquely positioned to unlock untapped revenue with short-term and corporate rental management expertise. We are the first venture backed company to hybridize multifamily syndication and furnished housing.
We leverage technology to drive deep data decisions unlike any other syndication in the world.
We generate up to 300% more revenue than long-term rentals, and pass the earnings on to our investors.

Why invest with Astro?

Together our management team has

  • 1000+


  • $300M+

    assets under management

  • 50+

    years of real estate Investing experience

  • 13+

    cities under operation

Achieve financial freedom through passive, work-free, check-in-the-mail style investing.

Investing in Apartments allows for Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns, Portfolio Diversification,
Supreme Tax Advantages, and much more.

Astro operates with technology at its core, allowing for efficiencies that are unmatched by any other

How We Choose Markets

Revenue Growth

We choose markets with strong hospitality indicators such as RevPAR (Revenue per available room), Avg. Occupancy Rate, ADR (Average Daily Rate) etc.


We target recession-resistant markets with a deep diversification in employment industry sectors


We choose regulation friendly markets that love short-term rentals due to the tourism tax revenue collected, among other reasons

Supply & Demand

We analyze thousands of data points to determine the travel demand and future short-term rental potential of a market

How We Select Properties

  • 01

    Value Add Potential-
    We select properties that we can renovate and force appreciation

  • 02

    Old School Management-
    We look for underperforming and neglected asset. We are primed for operational
    efficiencies and rapidly reduce costs, increase occupancy, and NOI

  • 03

    Inner Urban-
    We target urban areas designed to maximize short-term and corporate rental

  • 04

    Creativity Potential-
    We look for opportunity to add extra bedrooms, parking fees, laundry charges,
    ads, and other NOI maximization strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is $50,000

How do I become an investor with Astro?

Learn more about how to invest with Astro by giving us more information

Who can Invest?

Our investments are open to approved, accredited investors

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